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Who We Are

Blackstar Merchant Services are an independent provider of credit and debit card processing facilities to small and medium sized businesses throughout the United Kingdom. We offer the best services such as next day payment to ensure you benefit from increased cash flow.

What We Do

We recognise that transaction processing is critical to businesses and you need to be certain of the reliability of your systems. We make sure we understand your business requirements and deliver the best product and services to meet those requirements at the best price possible.



Our countertops provide the perfect means of securely accepting transactions in any fixed communication location.


From restaurants to bars, our terminals allow secure card payments to be made in any location with access to wi-fi or bluetooth.


Our mobile terminals are perfect for businesses out and about such as delivery services or travelling merchants


Our virtual terminals can help meet the demands of taking card transactions through telephone communication.


E-Commerce gives you the ability to take payments through your website and sell products online with ease.


Blackstar Merchant Services use Elavon as the acquirer of card transactions as they offer a safe and secure environment for taking payment and as more consumers turn away from cash in favour of cards it is important to all businesses to be able to take payment with the knowledge that funds will be paid within 3 working days; Elavon also offer a scheme where cleared funds are available on the next working day. To give you peace of mind, Elavon have a 24/7 help desk where your queries will be handled fast and efficiently.

In addition to processing Visa and Mastercard transactions, Elavon also transact American Express, Diners Club, JCB and Union Pay. Elavon also offer Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), whereby settlement on Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards may be made in the cardholders home currency. Elavon transact in over 60 currencies, more than any other payment processor, the receipt shows the U.K amount, the customers home currency amount and the conversion rate so customers know exactly what they are paying.

PCI Compliance

At Blackstar Merchant Services we hold payment security as our first priority. That's why we work with 'Secured by Elavon', a simple security programme that provides everything you need to keep your business protected - from achieving PCI DSS compliance to securing your customers' data throughout transactions.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements for enhancing payment account data security. It applies to all businesses that take credit and debit cards, regardless of size or transaction volume. Any business involved in the storage, processing and/or transmission of payment card numbers must comply. The fallout of non-compliance has a domino effect on your business, as the financial implications of a breach can destroy customers of any size. You can mitigate risk by maintaining compliance and providing verification and certification as required by the industry.


"Our established company of 24 years trading has been Blackstar Merchant Services now for a number of years, we have found their service to be exemplary in all aspects that they offer. Their rates are competitive and after care is outstanding if needed, with good clear advice and customer support. Other providers have contacted us but we have stayed with Blackstar because quality counts, and we feel Blackstar counts for quality."
Alan - Retail Shop, Shropshire

"Blackstar Merchant Services have supplied terminals to our business for the last few years. If there is a problem Blackstar have fixed the problem, always with professionalism and a smile. The customer service is outstanding."
Derbyshire Golf Club

"Our merchant services have been supplied for the last five years by Blackstar. Other companies have approached me and promised great savings though upon investigation the savings have not materialised. Blackstar Merchant Services offer good rates and first-class customer service."
Nottinghamshire Golf Club

"We have used Blackstar at both of our businesses for many years now and they are hugely reliable and offer good rates. We are very happy with the service the supply."
Farm House Wedding Venue - Northamptonshire

"A Blackstar representative came to see me and left me a complete comparison against what I was paying with another merchant provider. There was no hard sell, it was left with me to make my decision."
Guest House - Llandudno