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Next Day Payment

Blackstar Merchant Services are able to offer next day payment so transactions taken today will be paid into your bank account tomorrow. If you currently operate under the normal 3 day delay, your Saturday and Sunday sales will not reach your bank until the following Wednesday, whilst with Blackstar you receive your money on Monday. Our customers benefit from the increased cash flow that next day payments offer. (Next day applies to working bank day).


Pre-authorisation is a tailored payment solution for hotels, guest houses and vehicle rental businesses. Our terminals allow you to process pre-authorisation easily so you protect your income. Your guests or customers cards have a pre-authorised amount set against them so you can be sure that funds are available to cover the bill and any extras.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Offering DCC to your international customers enables them to pay in their local currency and know the exact amount they will see on their card statement. Your business will benefit from increased revenue as you receive a rebate for all DCC transactions. Our terminals support 64 currencies and they automatically read a chip in the cards and tell you the appropriate currency. Blackstar offer on site DCC training for your staff.

Cash Back

Blackstar terminals offer free cash back at the point of sale. This will reduce your bank charges and reduce the amount of cash held over night at the business as well as offering your customers a free service. Combined with next day payment, cash back is a simple way to bank your takings without counting, bagging or needing to visit your bank.